PROMIR Engineering has experience in the field of control-, design- and data engineering. This translates into projects that incorporate machine learning algorithms, data-science and custom programs for projects that incorporate automated, predicting and data-driven machines. All these projects translate in the following services that PROMIR Engineering supplies:


Automating machines require control hardware and software.


Automating machines require the right components for the job.

Data Science

Collecting data and forming it into useful information.

Machine Learning

Let the machine do the work and find correlations in large datasets.

About Me

My name is Lars de Lange and I am a passionate engineer looking for projects with a challenge in the field of control engineering, design engineering, data-science or machine learning. If you are interested in working with me please contact me!


Lars de Lange

Freelance Engineer

Who Am I?

I am an engineer that is very interested in helping people out. I have a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the TU Delft and in 2017 bought a house that needed to be completely renovated. I live in Noord-Holland and have two children. Hobbies are sports, a good movie and fun activities with the kids.

What I Do?

Help out by improving processes using data-driven decisions, implementing machine learning for predictions and designing autonomous machines.

Why Choose Me?

Because I am passionate, creative engineer that is willing to help out.

My Portfolio

Here are some projects that I have worked on.

Get In Touch

Feel free to contact me about projects using the form, give me a call or email me:

Lars de Lange
tel: +31 6 402 118 31